by stephenholloran1

Edmodo is a great site that’s a social network site similar to Facebook. It is however geared at teachers specifically and is used by countless teachers and is officially recognized as a pedagogic tool by many school boards in the United States. The fact that so many teachers use means that there is a very well established professional development communities related to the site. It should be pointed out here that the site is very secure, it is password protected, and parents can enjoy access to their own child’s work with the peace of mind that only they, and the teacher, can have this access. In addition, and unlike Facebook, students cannot create private groups that the teacher or parents cannot access so again this is an attractive feature in terms of being a secure pedagogical tool. On the other hand, there is the possibility of creating a discussion wall that is open to the whole class. This is very useful for students who would like to share suggestions and also for students who may be inspired by information that they read on the discussion wall. The fact that Edmodo is similar to Facebook, in many ways, has the additional advantage that students will quickly learn how to navigate around it. Other access features include the fact that the system can be setup so that teachers can send message alerts to students. In terms of class management assignments can be sent to the students, marks can be calculated and there is a calendar so the class can clearly see their term activities. Kelly Croy is a language teacher who adds that the quiz feature on Edmodo is a great way to see if his students are understanding their assignments. For extra-convenience sake there is an app that allows access from smartphones or iPads. In addition, Google drive can be directly accessed from the site, thus adding a further convenience to a multitude of tools. Another teacher, Valeria Foarce makes perhaps the most obvious, and hence well worth mentioning, positive point about Edmodo, and that it drastically cuts down on the use of paper. The advantages of cutting down on paperwork are limitless … starting out with not needing to carry it around, photocopy it and of course for the good of the environment. It is in the ‘backpack’ on the site that students turn in their work. It should be mentioned here that there is a very useful feature in that teachers can correct work that is turned in right online. Teachers can write on the documents students sent in and add comments. Students can then see these corrections. Again it is important to point out that students can only see their own work and corrections. To end on a dollar and cents factor, teacher Keith Rispin points out that Edmodo is affordable to run, it’s free, and he notes I ran a Moodle site for my online classrooms but unfortunately I had to abandon it because it became to costly to self host on a private server. So there it is, Edmodo is easily acceefficient, safe and free!